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House Of Cards returns this Friday, February 27th with its highly anticipated third season. As people start to form their binge-watching plans, I’ve begun my own plan to gear up for 13 new episodes.

I’ve watched all the trailers and all of the extra content Netflix has published on their YouTube channel and come up with a few predictions, assumptions, and observations for what’s going to happen in Season 3.

Watch the trailer and take a look.

Just remember, this post has some spoilers.

While Frank was a strong adversary to everyone who stood in the way of him becoming president, everything is now pointing to Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) being a little stressed. There’s a moment in the trailer where Frank seems distraught, he’s drinking and burying his face in his palms during a late night in the office. What’s bothering our man?

Is America at war? Frank dressed up in camo only says one thing: this country got beef. With who, though?

I’m going to assume it’s this guy. The trailer shows a lot of tension between the two. First is this refusal to shake Frank’s hand…

Then he’s standing up from the table while the two are locked in an obvious tense negotiation. I predict it has something to do with Frank’s wheeling or dealing, possibly even something to do with the First Lady Claire Underwood (Robin Wright).

Mainly because that dude kisses Claire.

Whatever it is, Frank is pissed at his wifey.

In a YouTube clip titled “The White House Portrait,” Claire flinches when Frank touches her shoulder. I predict the White House is weakening their arrangement.

Whatever it is that’s bothering him, it really has Frank off his game. He’s smoking again.

Frank’s house of cards is falling. In a web video called “Traces,” a clock that hits all zeros might mean Frank’s time in the White House is running out.

Frank’s stress has something to do with his re-election. And Claire taking the front stage tells me his approval rating is down.

Raymond Tusk is out and Remy is back in Frank’s circle. The House Whip (and Remy’s former lover) Jackie Sharp is not going to be too happy about this.

Is Frank going to visit Chief of Staff Doug Stamper’s grave? As you know, Doug was left stinking in the woods after taking a brick to the face. Unfortunately, Frank lost one of his few loyal friends.

I predict Hacktavist Gavin Orsay is digging up a bunch of stuff on President Underwood’s background. Some of it that has him shocked beyond belief.

So much so that it brings him to tears. Either that, or he’s playing someone.

Later in the season, someone lays hands on Frank. In the trailer, we briefly see him being taken down.

And finally, Claire reminds her husband, “we’re murderers.” Someone is probably running a smear campaign to get Frank out of office. Russo and Zoe’s deaths are coming back to haunt him.


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