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The saying “you have an old soul” may be cliché for most, but for Bankroll PJ, it’s true from the moment you hear him speak.

Allow me to introduce 4-year-old Bankroll PJ from Atlanta, GA, a little boy who is slowly taking over the internet. In just three months, he’s racked up 35 thousand followers by being the coolest new kid on the ‘net. He’s counting money and living the life of a baller, but pulling in straight As and Bs in school at the same time. He loves hip-hop music, dancing, and getting cash. He even has two girlfriends. And as a member of the so-called Street Money Entertainment, he counts straight hundreds with the swagger of a boss, a seasoned man with years of knowledge from the school of hard knocks.

So far that’s all we know about this youngin’, but stay tuned. Bankroll PJ is ahead of the game; he’s next.

What’s up Instagram! I got this bankroll.

“I’m good at school. Bankroll, Bankroll. Real Hunnids!”

Posted up with Young Thug.

Bankroll PJ loves music.

The message: you can learn a lot, all you gotta do is just listen.

If you’re hooked on PJ, then take a look at this video:

SOURCE: Instagram, YouTube

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