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Common‘s new movie Run All Night is in theaters now.

In it, the Oscar-winning actor plays Mr. Price, a hitman out to get Liam Neeson, another retired hitman trying to save his son.

I sat down with the “Glory” emcee to chat about his new role. We talked about his fight scenes with Liam, and I even asked how it felt to win an Oscar before Leonardo DiCaprio.

“It’s crazy. That’s one of my hoop buddies too. I play ball with Leonardo, but you know, he’s one of my favorite actors. Just to have an Oscar is an incredible feeling. I take it with responsibility, meaning if I got this platform, I’m representing hip-hop culture with it, I’m representing people, and I want to do more. I want to bring more of the message out there and at the same token, still I want to continue to keep creating great art.”

Run All Night is in theaters now. Watch my sit-down with Common in the video up above.

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