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The makers of Furious 7 had a difficult task finishing the movie after the untimely and tragic death of the film’s star Paul Walker.

While they haven’t made an official announcement, sources say Peter Jackson’s Weta Digital was asked to complete the sensitive and arduous task of reanimating Walker for Furious 7, and its cutting-edge work points toward a future where most actors can be re-created seamlessly if needed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company has done work on The Sopranos, Gladiator, and even did a 30-second ad with the digital Bruce Lee.

Idris has a new gig!

The Luther actor just signed on for a new role in The Trap, in which he’ll play a gangster rapper whose best friend took the fall for a robbery they committed years earlier. Idris replaced Jamie Foxx. Also in talks to join the film are Al Pacino, Robert Pattinson, and James Franco. We’re locked in on this one.

This Jeopardy contestant risked it all and invited Alex Trebek to Brooklyn to watch her DJ. Check out the hilarity above.

What would you do if you walked in on a group of patriotic kids singing the National Anthem in Auto-Tune? And by Auto-Tune, we mean floor fans. Press record.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Getty

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