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She landed herself a recurring role on Game of Thrones, and now she’s cemented her place in style with a feature in GQ Magazine.

Nathalie Emmanuel isn’t just a pretty face, she does her homework and studies up on Missandei when she’s not busy playing her on your television screen. Posing in nothing but a cream bodysuit by Alaia, Emmanuel talks learning the ins-and-outs of her character.

“I feel like if she was to have any weapon,” the English actress muses, “it would be a bow and arrow. She’s so mathematical and particular and still. But from what I understand from my research on Missandei and the people of Naath…”

Emmanuel also dishes on why she’d date Richard Madden’s Robb Stark, her Game of Thrones co-star. Check out the playful video below.

For more from Nathalie Emmanuel, pick up the April issue of GQ Magazine. You can also catch her in Furious 7 when it hits theaters on April 3rd. The fifth season of Game of Thrones airs on April 12th on HBO.