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Justin Bieber’s not respecting his jaw with this little stunt.

Last night, Ariana Grande surprised her fans on tour in Inglewood, California by bringing out pop’s most notorious “reformed” bad boy, but it seems like Bieber’s still up to no good.

During his performance, Justin sang Ariana’s duet with The Weeknd, “Love Me Harder,” and his own song “Where Are You Now,” before Ariana joined him back on stage to sing “As Long As You Love Me.”

The two seemed to be playfully flirting with each other, but Justin took it one-step too far when he snuck up behind the “Problem” pop star and hugged her tightly around her waist.

Clearly uncomfortable, Ariana laughs and pushes Justin’s hands away from her hips before he exits the stage.

Bieber appeared to get a kick out of creepily hugging Ariana, but we’ll see if he’s chuckling when Big Sean gets ahold of him.

Watch the flirty moment up top.