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Tamika Fuller, the mother of Ludacris‘ daughter Cai Bridges, is not going to give up custody of their little girl without a fight.

She recently shared her side of the story, expressing extreme sadness over losing her daughter after an Atlanta judge recently awarded her “visitation rights” only. It all seemed a little unbelievable at the time – Cai was just 13 months old when Luda was given full custody, and to be truthful, though she may have had some financial trouble in the past, Tamika just doesn’t come off as the kind of mother who should have her toddler snatched from her.

Now, Tamika has released another statement to MadameNoire, as well as started a GoFundMe page that she will use to help bring Cai back.

Via MadameNoire:

“Sadly, on April 9th the judge denied my motion for a new trial. Every day that passes when I don’t have my daughter feels like eternity. After being discouraged with the court system, I decided to share a personal account of my situation on Madame Noire, it was never meant as a media blitz but rather my side of the story in protest of my daughter being taken away when I felt powerless against her father’s machine. My side had not been shared up until this point and rumors that I was a bad mother or receiving 7k/month child support or asking for 15k were distressing me, none of which are factual. I’m back to working full time, but even that isn’t enough to cover the many expenses that come with this fight. I was hesitant to set up a Gofundme page but since my story ran I’ve received overwhelmingly supportive feedback from women and mothers across the country who have offered assistance and want to help with launching my organization. I plan to use donation money to start setting up my non-profit “No Mother Left Behind” with a mission to educate, enrich, enlighten and empower low income mothers and also to help bring my own daughter back. I’ve read and appreciate all the messages, prayers and similar stories that I’ve received. You have all made me feel less alone. We are all in this together. Thank you.”

On her GoFundMe page, Tamika writes:

Bring Tink Home:  A Mommy’s Love

My experience in the Atlanta court system fighting for custody of my daughter has almost destroyed me, but I won’t let that happen. I also never want another woman to feel as alone and hunted as I’ve felt throughout this process, so I am starting a foundation for mothers who are in similar situations. I want to provide support for women who are pregnant and aren’t getting any help from the father of their child. I also plan to provide resources that will educate women on how to have a safe and healthy pregnancy while under seemingly insurmountable stress. My organization will guide low-income mothers to financial assistance as well. When this journey first started, I was only advocating for myself, now I feel compelled to provide a voice for the voiceless. I am not giving up my daughter without a fight. Infants should not be taken from their birth mothers when they are fit and able to provide for them.

Donations will go towards setting up my foundation, offering resources and also helping to bring my own daughter home.

I sincerely appreciate you all.

With all my love, Tamika

Meanwhile, Luda is expecting a child with his new wife Eudoxie.

SOURCE: MadameNoire | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty 

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