CEO Buys Employee A Car After Hearing He Walked 20 Miles For His First Day Walter Carr, an Alabama college student, whose car broke down the day before his first day of work at his new job decided to make the 20 mile trip on foot because he couldn’t secure a ride. Hours before his […]

You can donate directly to his family on their GoFundMe page.

Apparently, folks have been coming after the always outspoken Vince Staples, and now the rapper is doing something about it. Instead of the typical Twitter clapback, Vince went further and started a GoFundMe page for anyone in their feelings over his performances. He’s literally allowing people to pay him to “shut the f*ck up.” Watch his […]

The movement of celebrities thinking the earth is flat has gained more traction thanks to B.o.B. The rapper is convinced that there are no curves shaping the world we live in. His theory started last year when he posted a picture posing what he thought was an important question. See below: Now the “Nothin’ on […]

Someone in Minneapolis, Minn. was kind enough to start up a GoFundMe page to "be the Medici Family" for Kanye West.

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James Moss of Colorado was reminded how strong the power of kindness can be after thousands of strangers raised over $30,000 for him and his son.

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The family of 11-year-old La’Darious Wylie is celebrating his life after he died saving his 7-year-old sister in a fatal hit-and-run in North Carolina.

The six police officers who have been charged with the death and murder of Freddie Gray have all posted bail. Gawker notes that their bail was “lower than the $500,000 set for 18-year-old protester Allen Bullock, who was photographed smashing a cop car and charged with eight misdemeanors.” The site explains in detail: Caesar Goodson (second degree murder, three […]

Tamika Fuller, the mother of Ludacris‘ daughter Cai Bridges, is not going to give up custody of their little girl without a fight. She recently shared her side of the story, expressing extreme sadness over losing her daughter after an Atlanta judge recently awarded her “visitation rights” only. It all seemed a little unbelievable at the time […]


The South Carolina police officer who is responsible for taking 50-year-old Walter Scott’s life – after shooting at the unarmed man eight times – is still receiving support. A GoFundMe campaign page was launched to raise money for former officer Michael Slager. But according to Kelsea Little, GoFundMe’s public relations manager, it was quickly removed because […]


So this happened. Creflo Dollar has lost his damn mind. Maybe we’re being harsh, but asking your followers to donate $65 million for a private jet is a little ridiculous. But that’s exactly what the minister of World Changers Church International in Atlanta asked supporters of his word to do. In a page that has […]