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The sun won’t be shining for a week after the amount of shade Blac Chyna threw in Kylie Jenner‘s direction last night with a series of Instagram pictures poking fun at the young woman’s lips.

This morning, Kylie decided to respond not with shade, but by taking the high road. Shortly before the wax lips pictures were posted by Tyga’s ex, his new girl Kylie responded to the recent #KylieJennerChallenge, telling other impressionable girls that it’s OK to experiment with your look:

After the flicks, Kylie posted a series of Instagram pictures that shows she was totally unbothered by Blac Chyna’s Insta antics.

Meanwhile, Chyna is currently on Twitter dropping very direct subliminals towards her romantic rival that left us wondering whether she’s going to confront Kylie when she turns 18 in four months:

She also implied that Kylie got lip injections:

…All that while listening to her baby daddy’s biggest enemy: Drake.

Chyna is clearly pissed.


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