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Bruce Jenner left every fan, viewer, and follower from over the years in shock last night, as he revealed that he is officially transitioning into a woman during his 2-hour interview special with Diane Sawyer.

While many have shown their complete surprise over the news that the former Olympian is a transgender, the internet has responded with nothing but support and encouragement.

The interview not only revealed Bruce’s journey into becoming a woman, but it also revealed how his family has dealt with the news, some of his most well-kept secrets, as well as his desire to help others just like him.

While the 2-hour interview is a must-watch, we’ve grabbed 5 key parts from the interview that you need to see.

On Kanye West playing the biggest role in helping Kim Kardashian to come to terms with the news:

On when he knew he was a transgender:

On the first person he ever told that he was a transgender:

On how he revealed the news to his children:

On not being ‘gay,’ before he later claimed to currently be ‘asexual’ to Diane Sawyer:

Even though the Kardashians and Jenner girls did not participate in the interview, all of the family members posted touching words of how proud they were of Bruce on their social media accounts.

Bruce’s youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, revealed that the news has actually been very hard for her, but she is proud regardless.

His most recent wife, Kris Jenner, was criticized after Diane Sawyer said she told ABC “no comment” when they reached out, to which she responded when blogger Perez Hilton called her out:

On top of the interview, E! News announced that it will be capturing Bruce’s transformation in an 8-episode docuseries, that will premiere on July 26th. The news was revealed yesterday of the new show, but did not give away any title. A source revealed to Buzzfeed that it has internally been referred to as The Malibu Project.

Bruce’s journey and reveal can certainly help many people around the world, and we are glad that he is receiving so much support for his bravery.

Watch all the videos above, and see more from the interview here.

SOURCE: ABC News, BuzzFeed, E! News | VIDEO CREDIT: ABC News

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