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Stoners need sexual healing too.

Inspired by New York City, Wiz Khalifa decided to flip Marvin Gaye’s R&B classic “Sexual Healing” into a stoner’s anthem titled “Good For Us.”

Hopefully, Wiz doesn’t get a cease and desist letter from the Gaye Family, but when it comes to royalties and copyright infringement, anything’s possible.

“Wake up wake up wake up, bake up bake up/ money come in, she looking good with no makeup,” raps Wiz Khalifa.

Oh, and by the way, his Furious 7 contribution “See You Again” is still number one on Billboard.

Catch Wiz Khalifa alongside Fall Out Boy on their collaborative “Boys Of Zummer Tour,” which kicks off this summer. Take a listen to Wiz Khalifa’s latest.


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