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Atlanta Lives Matter. That’s what the producers of Love & Hip-Hop: ATL are telling cast members as they begin a new initiative to keep the peace on set of the hit VH1 reality show.

If you’re wondering why they’re changing the formula, it’s because advertisers started to complain that the show was too ratchet. Now, the cast has to sign legal documents saying they’ll keep their “paws” off one another – meaning, no more physical fights.

If they do fight, here’s what will happen according to TMZ:

We’re told all cast members who brawl during taping will be cut from the episode without pay and suspended. They could also face possible termination.


It seems like the show is taking its bread and butter out of their recipe to success, so it will be interesting to see if the show can survive without its infamous drama-filled brawls. What do you think?


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