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Lil Wayne doesn’t have the time, nor the patience, for any tomfoolery – especially if his beloved game of basketball is involved.

During a recent “Stop the Violence” charity game, Young Money’s head honcho got a little upset with a referee and decided to confront him.

TMZ reports:

As we reported … Wayne lost his temper when the ref repeatedly made calls against his Young Money squad during the recent game in St. Louis. Sources close to Tunechi tell us he went after him dead set on starting a fight.

As you can see in the clip, Weezy approaches the ref and attempts to knock the whistle out of his mouth. Reports previously alleged that Wayne spat on the ref, but Wayne has denied it all and it doesn’t appear that he spit in the new footage.

In the clip, you clearly see him charge at the ref and try to slap the whistle right out of his mouth. But we’re told Wayne didn’t spit on him. There’s no evidence of it from this angle, although the ref does towel off his face at one point.

Funny moment in the vid — as the melee erupts, someone yells … “No! We can’t do this two times in a row!!” We think he’s referring to the promoter, Loose Cannon Slim‘s last attempt at a St. Louis stop the violence event.



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