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One of the women who allegedly began the racially-motivated altercation at the McKinney, Texas pool party has been suspended from her job, according to the Daily Kos.

Tracey Carver-Allbritton, one of the women seen fighting Tatyana Rhodes during the McKinney pool party, was placed on administrative leave by her employer, Core Logic Inc. Allbritton was one of the women who allegedly spewed racist remarks to the 19-year-old host of the party.

Prior to former Officer Eric Casebolt manhandling 15-year-old attendee Dajerria Becton, Allbritton and another woman were filmed fighting with Rhodes. As many focused on Casebolt and the troubling footage that showed him pointing a gun at unarmed Black teenagers, activists rushed to identify Allbritton with the help of Twitter.

Justice group Dallas For Change investigated the woman’s identity, discovering she was an employee at Core Logic Inc. The major financial data and analytics firm works closely with Bank of America to provide loans for lenders. Bank of America quickly confirmed Allbritton was an employee of their vendor.

Core Logic released a statement Thursday regarding Allbritton’s suspension:

“CoreLogic does not condone violence, discrimination or harassment and takes conduct that is inconsistent with our values and expectations very seriously.  As a result of these pending allegations, we have placed the employee in question on administrative leave while further investigations take place.”

No charges have been brought against the mother of four, or the other woman seen in the video. Charges against partygoer Adrian Martin, 18, were dropped earlier this week. The teen was arrested by Casebolt for trying to calm down Becton while she was being detained by police.

SOURCE: Daily Kos | VIDEO CREDIT: News Inc.

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