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Obey your thirst by drinking a Sprite with rap lyrics on it because…marketing schemes!

This summer, Sprite cans will feature lyrics from Drake, Nas, Rakim, and Notorious B.I.G. in line with their “Obey Your Verse” special collection, a rift on their classic “Obey Your Thirst” slogan. Drake, Nas, and Rakim will each get five different lyrics on cans, while Biggie gets one lyric on a can. Why you gotta do Biggie like that, Sprite?

According to The Fader:

As part of the “Obey Your Verse” initiative, The FADER and Sprite partnered to source lyrics for 16 cans, and to create four documentary shorts spotlighting artists we love. Those documentaries, featuring Drake, Nas, and two soon-to-be-revealed rising talents, are coming soon.

In the meantime, watch the clip featuring The Boy and Nas performing at their NBA All-Star Weekend Concert that took place in February at Irving Plaza, above.

SOURCE: The Fader

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