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Michael Jackson was a quintessentially American example of starting from the bottom and making it to the very top. Or at least, it seemed to be that simple for a while. His journey from a young musical phenom to a worldwide superstar had its complications, of course, as we watched the unbelievably talented man slowly transform into a polarizing figure, in and out of tabloids, lawsuits…and a whole lot of plastic surgery.

MJ was always at the forefront of celebrity gossip and at one point, was indisputably the biggest star in the world, selling more than 750 million albums. It was only six years ago today that we lost the legend, and to this day, June 25th is still just as sad as it was in 2009.

You all know who Michael Jackson is. He only invented the moonwalk (no big deal). But odds are, there are probably a few things about the complicated and legendary superstar that you still aren’t aware of.

To honor the King of Pop, Rock and Soul, we’ve compiled 20 interesting facts. Rest in peace, MJ. We hope you’re still moonwalking, wherever you are.


20 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
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