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Today, the man.. the myth… the legend… Will Ferrell, turns 48 years old.

It’s impossible (as long as you’re sane) not to like Mr. Ferrell. Most people confidently believe the guy is hilarious, though they can’t always articulate why exactly they think so. We’re here to reveal the obvious Will Ferrell formula that has been unknowingly staring you in the face for years. There’s one very simple reason our society has come to love him – for his freak-outs.

‘Ferrell Freak-Outs,’ we’ll call them. You may not notice it, but almost every single movie the guy stars in has one. Whether he’s weeping over the loss of his beloved pet, or arguing with Ben Stiller about Blue Steele, there’s always something that sets this actor off. And we have to say, we’ve come to love him for it.

Here are our top 10 ‘Ferrell Freak-Outs:”

1. Anchorman: The Burrito Incident/Baxtor Melt-Down featuring Jack Black.

2. Talladega Nights: Ricky Bobby meets The Invisible Fire.

3. Step Brothers: When Brennan buried Dale alive.

4. Blades of Glory: The treadmill “Lady Hump” scene.

5. Elf: Not exactly a “tantrum” so to speak, but definitely an unwarranted outburst of joy.

6. Old School: Keep our composure. 

7. Zoolander: Mugatu’s “crazy pills” and the piano necktie. 

8. Austin Powers, The Spy Who Shagged Me: When he couldn’t stand to be asked the same question three times. 

9. SNL: The Thanksgiving Dinner Scene.

10. The Other Guys: When he was “exhausted” by his partner’s yelling. 

Happy 48th, Will. Here’s to all your freak-outs, and the many more to come.


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