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Because, f*ck your body shaming.

Last week, Serena Williams won her sixth Wimbledon championship and solidified herself as the most dominant female athlete in tennis. But instead of praise and props, haters decided to shower the superstar with criticism and shame – most of it surrounding her muscular body frame.

Let’s get real. Her appearance shouldn’t be a point of focus after such a convincing victory. I mean, after Kobe Bryant won his fourth NBA championship, were people largely discussing his physique? Nah, they weren’t.

Serena should be afforded the same respect. The implication that a woman can’t be both athletic and beautiful sounds like something we should’ve done away with back in the 1950s.

Click through the gallery below for 27 pictures of Serena Williams that prove a woman can be both powerful and glamorous at the same time. Yes, it’s possible.


Powerful & Beautiful: Serena Williams’ Most Glamorous Moments
Serena Williams
27 photos

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