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So, it’s safe to say Freddie Gibbs supports the Second Amendment.

In a new interview with LA Weekly, Gibbs subtly mentioned that in his spare time he shops for guns, twice a month… we don’t even buy groceries that often.

What inspired this gun collection, might you ask? Get this – it’s been his daughter, Irie, and his fiancée, Erica Dickerson (daughter of NFL hall of famer Eric Dickerson). The rapper claims he had 50 guns before Irie’s birth, and now has a whopping 100 guns to his name.

“I’ve bought two guns for every month that she’s been alive. It’s brought out the protector in me,” he said.

One hundred guns isn’t all Gibbs has to his name. Ah yes, the 33-year-old Indiana rapper is also the proud owner of his very own strain of weed, which he very cleverly named “Freddie Kane.” On his to do list: opening a “Freddie Kane” lounge where people can chill out, smoke, and probably talk about weaponry. Gibbs says he sees the lounge becoming a tourist attraction.

Freddie Gibbs, ladies and gents. Making Irie proud, one gun – or joint – at a time.

SOURCE: Hot New Hip Hop, LA Weekly | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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