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Why Ben, why?

As if Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner‘s divorce wasn’t enough of a stab in the heart, this news has arrived to twist the knife just a little bit deeper. It’s only been a month since their split hit headlines, but Affleck’s reportedly wasting no time whatsoever getting back in the dating game… and no, he’s not dating another Hollywood superstar, he’s dating the nanny. 

In the new issue of Us Weekly, multiple sources revealed that Affleck has been dating 28-year-old California native Christine Ouzounian, who he and Jen hired together this past spring. But while Bennifer was trying out their secret 10-month trial separation, Ouzounian was making googly eyes at Affleck… and who knows if she was even watching the kids.

One of Ouzounian’s friends told Us Weekly that she and Affleck were always very flirty while she watched the kids, which pretty much explains why Garner decided to end her days as their nanny pretty quickly… but as we learned in The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, some nannies you just can’t get rid of.

Ouzounian and Affleck were spotted at Affleck’s new L.A.-area rental on July 17, and the babysitter’s friend says the two have been in constant contact since he and Garner split. According to the source, the nanny is saying it’s “true love.”

We think we’re gonna be sick.


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