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The Season 6A finale of Pretty Little Liars aired on ABC Family last night, and fans are going absolutely bat sh*t crazy over who “A” apparently is. After 5 years of following the story, the network revealed that – SPOILER ALERT – CeCe Drake (played by Vanessa Ray) was behind the madness all along. PLL viewers are not taking the news lightly.

One fan went straight to Twitter, furiously writing, “That’s 5 years of my life I’m never gonna get back. Screw PLL, you’ve ruined my life.” A slightly dramatic reaction, but understandable? You be the judge.

In other absolutely ridiculous news, The CW is apparently working on a script for The Notebook, a new television series based on the Nicholas Sparks book whose movie adaptation stole the hearts of every female on the planet in 2004. Sparks is attached as an executive producer of the show, which will follow Noah and Allie’s epic love journey from the start of their relationship to their future together, even though that’s exactly what the movie did… something doesn’t sit right.

There’s been a lot of controversy around Donald Trump‘s Megyn Kelly “blood” comment at the GOP debate, but luckily, Trump clarified everything for us. Or rather, Jimmy Fallon did as Donald Trump on The Tonight Show this past Monday. Fallon (Trump) said he called Kelly to “personally not apologize” and commented on how the media loves to “twist his words.” He also cleared up a few misunderstandings surrounding a number of his other comments, explaining to the “deviants” what he really meant. The impression is spot on, so take a look above.

The official trailer for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is available on YouTube, along with the brand new movie poster on The newest addition to the creepy crawly series hits theaters on October 3rd, 2015, and will also be available in real 3D. Judging by the trailer, it looks like the movie will meet all your paranormal expectations.


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