Rhoyle Ivy King plays a non-binary college student Nate/Nathaniel on 'All-American' spinoff series 'All-American: Homecoming'. In an interview with GlobalGrind he opens up about stepping into the spotlight and how the Hollywood landscape is changing for queer characters.

CW and BET's hit dramedy series The Game is back with a fresh look. Paramount+ has ordered ten episodes for the series reboot with original cast members Wendy Raquel Robinson and Hosea Chanchez reprising their infamous roles. 

The new live-action Powerpuff Girls, now known as Powerpuff, has cast Donald Faison as Professor Drake Utonium. Fans may know Faison from his role in Scrubs or the classic rom-com 90s film, Clueless. Well, he is back in the latest CW reboot with a fresh look at one of our favorite childhood animated series. 

The remake of a celebrated TV show will include a diverse cast.

The Season 6A finale of Pretty Little Liars aired on ABC Family last night, and fans are going absolutely bat sh*t crazy over who "A" is.