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Source: Splash / Splash News

The Rihanna Navy has been desperately pleading for their fave to give them more signs of her highly-anticipated R8 album, but it looks like there may be more of a delay.

Despite the fact that the Bajan beauty was rumored to be dropping the project this past June, which came and went without any album, reports say she may have started from scratch.

According to The Mirror, sources say that RiRi may be ditching all of what has already been recorded for the project in order to work to appeal to both the U.S. and European markets.

The source told the site:

“Rihanna is desperate for an edgy sound that will appeal to a European market as well as America. She’s keen to emulate the same smash-hit success she had with Calvin Harris’ We Found Love in 2011. So far she doesn’t feel the songs she has are delivering the full package.”

This wouldn’t be surprising, as Rihanna’s been sporadically dropping scattered singles in 2015, and has missed all the rumored dates it was allegedly going to drop.

Hold tight, Navy, as it may be a while. Then again, maybe that’s what she wants us to think?