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Diggers continue to search for more bodies after a tragic landslide occurred in a Guatemalan city. Authorities say more than 600 lives are unaccounted for after Thursday’s tragedy, and at least 29 have been reported dead. [Reuters]

Scientists may have found new use for two drugs already in the market.The drugs, Cyclosporine A and Tacrolimus, are currently being used to prevent organ rejection during transplant procedures, but could potentially be an effective contraceptive pill for men. [Newsweek]

After Jim Carrey‘s girlfriend committed suicide, law enforcement officials discovered the pills she took were prescribed under Carrey’s alias name. Ambien, Percocets, and Propranolol pills were found next to her body at the time of her death. [TMZ]

Aerial attacks hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital early on Saturday, killing at least 16 people in Kunduz, Afghanistan. A total of 9 staffers and 7 patients were killed. Three of those pronounced dead were children. [CNN]


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