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If people decide to flip El Chapo‘s life into a movie, they’re going to have a bunch of juicy tales to inject into their potential storyline. His drug lord lifestyle has been well-documented over the years. Now, his escape has even more details to spice up his legacy.

According to Televisawho obtained a new video highlighting his departure from jail – the security guards who haplessly allowed El Chapo to scurry into the arms of freedom are now being accused of letting him escape. En route to his disappearance, Joaquin El Chapo’ Guzman intentionally turned the volume up on the television near his bed while his team hammered a hole into the floor beneath the shower.

The tape portrays audio of the “loud banging sounds,” according to the Guardian, which the guards obviously disregarded. Sounds like this was a full-fledged plan to get Chapo back out in these streets. So far, a whopping 34 people have been arrested in connection with his escape.

Safe to say, mission accomplished for El Chapo and the gang as he is happily chilling on the outskirts.

SOURCE: TelevisaGuardian | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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