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The Apple gods have finally answered your iOS prayers: middle finger emojis are here.

Available in several skin tones so everyone can be equally offended, Apple has also added taco and burrito emojis. The update also includes a slew of new faces, ranging from an upside down face to a robot head. Some of the best are the cheese wedge, hot dog, and a popping champagne bottle that Drake is expected to use very soon. While there are ways to circumvent Apple’s servers to get the update, it’s best to wait until the Cupertino-based company pushes it to your phone or iPad, as updates are supposed to start rolling out today.

Of course, Twitter is loving the fact that the middle finger emoji is finally in their arsenal.

The NY Times was recently able to speak to the people behind Unicode Consortium, a group of individuals who play a key role in emojis being available on your phone. It’s led by Mark Davis, who revealed that there are 67 emojis up for voting next spring, which include a pregnant women and a drooling face.

SOURCE: Mirror, NY Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter

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