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A new week means a new Kardashian family lawsuit. This time, the Jenner girls are under fire.

Island Company is suing the Jenner sisters, claiming they stole the brand’s trademarked logo for their own clothing line with PacSun. For over 10 years, Island Company’s slogan has been, “Quit your job. Buy a ticket. Get a tan. Fall in love. Never return.” Well, the Jenners are selling a PacSun t-shirt with the phrase, “Run away. Fall in love. Never return.”

The company says Kendall and Kylie‘s shirts are “likely to cause confusion, mistake and deception among consumers, the public and the trade among consumers, the public and the trade as to whether defendants’ products or services are affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by plaintiff,” according to Page Six.

To drop the whole thing, Island Company wants Kendall, Kylie, and PacSun to cut the slogan copy from their t-shirts. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Page Six | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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