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Another day, another issue that Cash Money’s head honcho Birdman has to deal with.

In conjunction with Mack Maine, Birdman is being sued for misidentifying a teenager as Ethan Couch, the kid who killed four people and somehow avoided jail time. According to TMZ, parents Mark and Becky English claim they were shocked to learn that a picture of their 17-year-old son, mistakenly represented as Couch, was used in the cover art for Mack Maine’s single.

Back in 2013, Texas teen Ethan Couch drove drunk, and stuck and killed four people, but his only punishment was 10 years’ probation and recovery at a treatment facility. Ethan allegedly suffered from what is termed “affluenza” – he came from a very wealthy family who found it hard to not give in to his every whim and never taught him right from wrong. Mack Maine wrote a song about the situation, but somehow ended up using the English boy on the cover art.

Birdman is named in the lawsuit because the album was released on his label.


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