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If you found $600 million in cash money, what would you do? Well, what if we told you it was from the late Pablo Escobar‘s stash?

Colombian farmer Jose Mariena Cartolos came across the drug lord’s fortune when he received a grant from the Colombian government to develop a palm oil plantation on his land, according to Don Diva. While digging and tilling the soil, he found containers filled to the brim with cash – money said to be a part of Escobar’s $30 billion fortune. If you watch Narcos on Netflix, you know that many drug lords amass so much money, they opt to bury some of it as opposed to laundering the proceeds.

Unfortunately, Cartolos won’t be able to keep his treasure. It will most likely go to fund “social and economic programs.” Colombian officials think the find will generate others to search for more of Escobar’s billions. If you’re brave, test your luck – there’s plenty of flight deals to Colombia happening at this very moment.


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