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Twerking is amazing, but who knew it could be so dangerous?

Two women are wanted by police after being caught on camera twerking on a man inside a Washington D.C. convenience store. Police are categorizing the twerking as sexual abuse. The security camera footage shows two scantily clad women in the highest of heels basically harassing another customer.

The NY Daily News reports:

Video footage shows the man talking on the phone and holding money when he pauses near the first woman, who backs up and attempts to grind on him.

The man moves away before another woman in a pink dress touches him repeatedly and makes a move for his money and phone.

She puts her arm around the man’s waist and attempts to go in for a kiss before he squirms away from the persistent store patron.

Both women are facing third-degree sexual abuse charges, which include “actual force, threats putting the person in fear of death, bodily injury or kidnapping.” If this makes it to court, the look on the jury’s face when they watch the surveillance video will be priceless.

SOURCE: NY Daily News | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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