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Jennifer Lawrence brings her raw honesty and a sultry simplicity to Vogue’s December issue.

Inside the fashion bible, The Hunger Games star talks about finally being franchise-free and in control of her acting career again, being buddies with Mila and Ashton Kutcher, her leaked nudes, and more. J. Law is in a new space, admitting to Vogue writer Jonathan Van Meeter that, because her decisions are now her own, things are a lot harder.

“I knew that coming out of Hunger Games it was a bad move to do a big blockbuster,” she says. “I want to get back to my roots, back to indies, where I started. And then I read Passengers, and I loved it. This is my first time saying yes now that I am completely free of franchises. So there’s an elephant on my chest.” ”I’ve got to fill up my year with things that are all 100 percent my decisions.”

As far as those pesky nudes that were leaked a year ago, Jennifer tries not to dwell on it, recalling:

“I was outside crying, and Pippi jumped up on my lap and started licking up all my tears, and I couldn’t put her down for hours. And I mean, hours. I was like, ‘Well, obviously, you’re mine.’ ” Looking back, does she have more perspective on the ordeal? “It was all pain and no gain,” she says. “But I don’t dwell on it unless someone brings it up. Have you seen me naked?”

Here are a few more interesting excerpts:

On how Jennifer relaxes:

Downtime is normally the bane of my existence,” she says. “It makes me depressed, not relaxed. But I was actually enjoying myself this time,” she says. What did you do? I ask. “You’re looking at it. Hang out. Drink wine. I’ve got a bunch of friends who live really close, thank God. And I’ve made friends with Mila and Ashton, two doors down. They’re awesome. I go over there uninvited. They’re probably getting pretty sick of me.”

On being David O. Russell’s movie muse:

He has given me a life, creatively, that I would have never known,” she says, “what it feels like to really act, to be scared out of your mind on set and have no idea what’s going on. There are things that I’ve learned about myself that would have taken 20 years that he taught me in five.”

On her and Amy Schumer’s new screenplay:

“We started writing a month ago, and we have 150 pages,” says Lawrence, who has already absorbed some of Schumer’s cadences. “It’s a lot of ballsy and not a lot of thinking twice. One time we laughed so hard our teeth clanked together.”

Head over to Vogue to read the cover story in its entirety, and watch a hilarious parody clip of Jennifer mocking “the awkward b-roll celebrity interview” below. We’re looking forward to seeing J. Law get back to her indie roots.

SOURCE: Vogue | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Vogue Magazine, Splash News

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