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Police are investigating the deadly shooting that occurred at a Planned Parenthood facility on Friday in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

In the midst of all the chaos, survivors have also been speaking out about the frightening moments they remember from the horrific attack. One witness, Katanya Craion, recalls, “I heard everyone in the lobby screaming ‘get down, get down,’ and then I saw the gunman walking with a shotgun just shooting randomly.

Another witness recalled, “He was aiming for my head. It’s just weird to stare into the face of somebody like that, and he didn’t win.”

A total of three people (including one police officer) were killed after the gunman, now identified as Robert Lewis Dear of North Carolina, walked into the facility and shot at those in sight. Four civilians and five officers were also wounded in the attack.

After five hours, the suspected gunman was found and immediately taken into custody. Dear is scheduled to appear in a courtroom this Monday.


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