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Kristin Cavallari‘s 30-year-old brother Michael Cavallari was found dead a few days ago, and details regarding his passing are finally coming to light.

After his disappearance on November 27, rumors swirled, and sources are now saying that his paranoia may have played a part.

There was some sort of paranoia,” says friend Patrick Kuehn. “I’m guessing from what happened he thought someone was chasing him.” Michael’s body was found three miles from his abandoned car in Green River, Utah. Grand County Sheriff Steve White echoed those sentiments, saying, “You can tell he was kind of disoriented.” Cold and exposure to the elements are thought to be a factor in his death.

Family members say Cavallari struggled with alcoholism and his ongoing legal issues weren’t helping. When he set off on his final drive, he had just posted bail after being arrested on November 23 for violating his parole stemming from a DUI.

Friends date his paranoia as far back as college, where he was openly against Obama and thought corruption ran rampant in politics. His sister’s reality TV fame also apparently didn’t help.

PEOPLE reports:

While friends remember Cavallari as always being proud of his famous sister, some believe growing up in Kristin’s shadow had negative effects on his psyche. “I think I’d go crazy too if my sister was a celebrity getting validation in the world for everything she does,” the college acquaintance says.

Kristin wrote the following Instagram tribute to her brother.


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