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Christmas may be over, but some people are still in the giving mood. Alysia Stern recently hit the streets of New York City to hand out meals to homeless war veterans. And while doing her good deed, she gave one man food and learned that he’d recently been given a pair of sneakers by a member of the New York Police Department. While brand names don’t matter, the shoes given to him were a pair of “He Got Game” Air Jordan XIIIs, which were brought to prominence when Ray Allen wore them in He Got Game. In a culture that constantly celebrates excess, it’s humbling to see it benefit someone truly in need. Read More

While others are worried about the latest releases and clamoring for yet another Yeezy Boost colorway, some sneakerheads really proved what this season is all about. A group of athletes decided to hook up a less fortunate classmate with a pair of sneakers to celebrate the holidays. The kid’s reaction is priceless as he opens up the tissue paper to reveal a pair of Air Jordan XIIs and his buddies help him put on his fresh new kicks. Read More

SOURCE: Complex, Complex | VIDEO SOURCE: Worldstar Hip Hop

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