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Since early October, The Game and Stitches have been going at each other on social media.

Their differences finally came to a head earlier this month when The Game’s manager, Wack 100, punched Stitches outside of a nightclub in Miami.

Recently, caught up with The Game to ask him what he bought the Miami rapper for Christmas.

“You know what I’m gonna get him for Christmas? Some gauze pads and some alcohol,” The Game replied, appearing to reference the process of healing the wounds inflicted by his manager earlier this month.

This latest development comes just a few weeks after rumors of a celebrity boxing match between the two rappers started circulating online. Stitches has reportedly signed the contract to fight The Game in Los Angeles next month, but Game says he won’t sign on the dotted line until Stitches agrees to a string of conditions – of which the latter has since declined. Stay tuned…


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