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Selfie kings and queens, this is for you.

There’s nothing worse than bad lighting when the only thing you want to do is capture the perfect photo. Thankfully, Beyonce‘s stylist may have just offered a solution to that problem.

The Ty-Lite, created by Tyrone Hunter, features a built-in LED light system to help you achieve your best selfie no matter your location. In addition to its rechargeable battery, the case also boasts three settings – cool, warm, and brilliant – which can be dimmed to your preferred brightness.

While it hasn’t quite gotten the co-sign from Queen Bey yet, the Ty-Lite has received praise from Tyrone’s other celebrity associates, he explained to Glamour: “They say that they don’t even need to use a filter when they’re using it.”

The case retails for $79.99 and while that may seem steep, the opportunity to channel your inner Beyonce in every selfie is basically priceless.

SOURCE: Huffington Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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