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It’s Blue Ivy‘s world, and we’re just living in it.

On this day eight years ago, Beyoncé Knowles gave birth to her and Jay Z‘s beautiful little heiress. As the years went by, Blue Ivy Carter grew to be super smart, beautiful, and sassy – and she lets us know it every time she steps out, whether in costume or in couture.

It wasn’t too long ago that we were looking at photos of Bey rocking her first baby bump proudly, wondering if Blue would be more like her or Hov. The truth is, she’s the perfect mix between the two and she’s got lots of talents that were clearly passed down from her famous parents.

We love little Blue and today’s her day, so we thought we’d highlight some of those natural abilities. Check out what could amount to the “Additional Skills” section of her resumé below, and let us know if yours would compare.

1. Blue can tame bees of the Sasha fiercest kind.

2. At 3 years old, Blue basically hosted the 2014 MTV VMAs. 

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

3. She’s got moves like Jagger.

4. She’ll do your makeup for the low, low.

5. Did you mastermind this tree, Blue?

6. Blue never halfway steps on Halloween. 

7. We’ve tried to pose like Bey. We failed.

8. She’s a natural in stilettos.

9. Making her papa smile ain’t no thang.

9. International model, she is.

Pose, sis.



10. The next Michael Phelps, we kid you not.

11. Of course, Blue on the mic comes as no surprise.

12. But she plays the guitar, too.

13. Executive Producer Blue.

We could go on, but this is an obvious case of rare star quality.

Happy Birthday, Blue!

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2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Roaming Show
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