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Gina Rodriguez may have just taken one fan’s prom experience to the next level.

The opportunity to don a stunning gown once worn by a celebrity on the red carpet seems like a dream to most of us, let alone the chance to strut into prom wearing a dress worn by an actress at the Golden Globes. But for Jessica Casanova, that exact scenario could soon become a reality.

The Buffalo, NY teen reached out to Gina via Twitter and expressed her desire to wear the actress’s Badgley Mischka gown (pictured up top) to her upcoming prom. It seemed like a long shot, but Gina replied. Check out the exchange below:

You’ll probably remember that the last time we saw this gown was when Gina wore it to the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, where she won! Talk about a big deal. The two continued their conversation and it appears this whole thing may actually happen.

If only it was always this easy to get your hands on a celebrity’s closet.


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