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Say what you want about NFL players, but for every bad apple, there are 20 stand-up guys doing great things for the community and the people. Rashad Jennings of the New York Giants is one of them.

His non-profit – the Rashad Jennings Foundation – is doing everything they can to inspire youth by making education fun, providing mentorship for individual success, and promoting health and fitness for kids worldwide.

In his latest partnership, Rashad has teamed up with Verizon to give everyone a chance to go to Super Bowl 50 and win tons of other prizes through the new #Minute50 campaign.

“I’m here with Verizon to kick off their #Minute50 campaign, which is an exclusive offer for loyal customers of Verizon,” he told us. “It’s an opportunity to win exclusive prizes and meet celebrities, hang out with football players, and even win free data. It’s a way for Verizon to say thank you to their customers.”

If Verizon customers text #Minute50 to 502016, they can enter to win prizes, which the telecom giant will be giving away every 50th minute of every hour until the Super Bowl.

It wasn’t all promotion for Rashad, though. He had a lot to say about this upcoming season, as the Giants prepare to welcome new coach Ben McAdoo.

“We got a lot of changes happening. What I’m looking forward to the most is we have a great head coach in place who has been with the organization going into his third year,” he revealed. “He understands the ins and outs, the personnel, and the build of the team, so it’s not going to get blown up. We’re close. He’s smart, poised, and knows how to command the locker room, which is going to be pivotal for our success.”

As far as Coach Tom Coughlin‘s last day, Jennings said it came as a surprise.

“We knew he had a meeting after his last speech to us, but we didn’t know it was going to be his last day. When we heard the news, it was tough. It’s hard to see a historical coach like that leave. Something he would always say was ‘Faces change, but expectations never do.’ That’s the way he leads. I had the chance to talk to him afterwards and he said continue to be a leader, continue to work on your game, and you got great things ahead of you.”

You can find out more about Verizon’s #Minute50 campaign by following them on Twitter.

PHOTO CREDIT: Verizon, Twitter

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