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Zendaya has graced yet another magazine cover, and you know she killed it. Looking fierce in a backless dress on the front of New You mag, the 19-year-old star flaunts voluminous hair while serving major face for the camera. But it just wouldn’t be true to ‘Daya’s style if she didn’t keep it real.

Inside, Zendaya opens up about everything from her issue with Photoshop, to dealing with bullies and where she hopes to be in ten years.

Check out the highlights below.

On excessive Photoshopping: 

“There is no such thing as ugly. That’s a word that doesn’t really enter my vocabulary. If there’s any definition to being perfect, you’re perfect at being yourself. No other person can be you 100 percent; no one has your fingerprint; no one has your DNA. You are you 120 percent, through and through. Whether it is through my social media or whatever, I want anyone who looks up to me to know that I go through the same problems. I have to be confident in who I am. When I learn things about myself, I like to share that journey with people because I know there are a lot of people going through the same thing.”

On being bullied in the past: 

“I was made fun of [in school] but it didn’t bother me very much because I was very comfortable in who I was. I was taught as a young child by my parents and family to love myself. And it’s the same today—there are certain things that don’t bother me. I just focus on being a good person. I was always very aware of the world and I was never sheltered from the negative things that were out there. I feel that if you shelter your kids from everything, one day they are going to be out in the world on their own and they are going to have to figure it out. You can’t give them a test if you never taught them anything that’s on the test. They’re going to fail. You have to prepare people and sometimes that’s just being honest with them and letting them know things sooner.”

On her future: 

“Ten years from now I see myself doing what I love to do and doing great stuff for humanity. When I say doing what I love to do, if I decide in five years that I don’t want to sing, dance, or act another day in my life and that it does not make me happy anymore, I’m going to do something else. Maybe I’ll go to school for something else and live my life that way. I just want to be happy and I want to be able to [be happy] where I can help people.”

Z’s issue of New You will be on newsstands February 9th.

SOURCE: Just Jared | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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