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Zoe Saldana is in hot water for her latest role as the legendary Nina Simone.

Nina’s brother Sam Waymon spoke to Page Six about his family’s disapproval, saying Saldana should’ve “thought a thousand times” before choosing the role. “If I was asked to play someone of the monumental stature of Nina Simone, I would’ve had to think a thousand times before saying yes. I’m outraged by the fact that Zoe Saldana was chosen.”

The site continues: “Nina Simone . . . didn’t have a fake nose or fake lips. Everything about her was real. Why would you go with something made up like that?” Waymon said. “Blackface was used by Hollywood early on to dehumanize and to not have to cast [blacks] . . . I would have thought more highly of [Saldana] if she would’ve turned down the role.”

The Dominican/Puerto Rican actress received major backlash when photos of her wearing a prosthetic nose and dark makeup to resemble Simone surfaced the web. After the “Nina” trailer debuted earlier this week, Simone’s family and Nina Simone fans were voiced their distaste in the portrayal.

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