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Last night, Ariana Grande made her second musical guest appearance at Saturday Night Live.

For her set, the petite singer performed her new single “Be Alright,” as well “Dangerous Woman.” Watch the performance above and stay tuned for the release of her album Dangerous Woman, dropping March 18th.

Mama June has some skeletons in her closet, literally.

The reality TV star believes there are human remains residing in a property that she just purchased. TMZ reports: “The Griffin Police Dept tells us the workers found a long abandoned water well on the property … and after scoping it with a cell phone tied to a rope … believe they saw the remains of a human skull.”

Cops believe it is nothing but a rock but will continue on with an investigation.

For the first time ever, SXSW invited a president to the festival — President Obama!

In front of 2,000 entrepreneurs, tech workers, and engineers, Obama delivered a 50-minute keynote speech highlighting the fight in climate change, national privacy vs. security, and motivating everyone to participate in the voting process.

Watch the footage above.