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A Palm Beach, Florida zookeeper was killed Friday afternoon by a 13-year-old Malayan tiger. The zoo’s spokesperson didn’t specify what happened other than the incident occurred in the tiger’s “night house,” where they eat and sleep. [CBS News]

13 people have been fired from the Arizona Department of Corrections after two inmates were found dead from an apparent suicide. Video footage shows the officers lounging around indoors instead of patrolling the prison properly. Investigators say if the officers were vigilant and making the proper rounds, the suicides could have been prevented. [The Root]

A 32-year-old male notoriously called “The Human Ken Doll” has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery over the years to achieve the perfect look. Unfortunately, he has revealed that his nose is rotting off. The man developed necrosis, the death of flesh/tissue, after his last nose job. He is currently in the hospital, where doctors are considering removing the nose. [Baller Alert]

Jamaican lawmakers are looking to replace Queen Elizabeth II as the country’s head of state and make the island a republic once and for all. The island country’s constitutional amendment is also proposing to fully legalize marijuana. [Independent]