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For the first time in history, Kanye West doesn’t have much to say.

We were surprised to learn that Kanye didn’t freestyle a long-winded speech after winning “Artist of the Year” at the annual Webby Awards in NYC. Typically, Kanye’s speeches included themes about classicism, oppression, or fashion, but all he could manage this year were five words.

Traditionally, the Webby Awards only allow honorees five-word acceptance speeches and Kanye was no exception. Following a short 60-second video montage, ‘Ye accepted his award remotely, saying, “I can’t stand short speeches.”

Neither can we, Kanye. Neither can we.

While Kanye wasn’t able to attend the Webby Awards in person, his wife Kim Kardashian popped up at the awards and vowed to take nude selfies until the day she dies.

Watch Kanye’s speech up top.

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