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Laura Govan stopped by Jason Lee’s Hollywood Unlocked: Uncensored and told the reality star and blogger how she really feels about her kids’ father Gilbert Arenas.

The two have been publicly bickering with each other since Govan’s Basketball Wives days, but things have taken an especially dark turn recently, as they continuously blast each other as bad parents. Now, Govan pulls no punches as she spills all the tea with Lee, even coming for her sister Gloria Govan in the process.

Most shocking was the moment she compared Arenas to O.J. Simpson and said she fears for her life. When Lee asks Govan just how bad their current relationship is, she responds: “I do think about Nicole Brown a lot, not gonna lie.”

She then follows up with: “Not in the sense that… do I fear for me life?… sometimes I do, I’m gonna be 100 with you.”

Watch the chilling moment in episode four of Hollywood Unlocked above.


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