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The battle for Prince’s multi-million dollar estate continues.

Bremer Trust National Association, the court-approved Special Administrator of Prince‘s Estate, has appointed L. Londell McMillan and Charles A. Koppelman to manage the late icon’s entertainment assets, The Source reports.

McMillan, attorney and longtime friend of Prince, orchestrated the singer’s split from Warner Bros. Koppelman is chairman and CEO of CAK Entertainment Inc. and was responsible for signing Prince to EMI for his album, Emancipation.

Billboard reports:

“Last week, a Minnesota judge authorized the trust company to hire entertainment industry experts to help manage and preserve the deceased superstar’s musical legacy while the court sorts out who’s entitled to inherit his estate. No will has surfaced.

The judge wrote that he intends Bremer Trust ‘to take all prudent steps’ to generate money from Prince’s intellectual property, so that it can raise funds for administering the estate and for paying what’s expected to be a hefty tax bill that’ll come due in January.”

McMillan and Koppelman declined to make a statement at this time. The Source, which McMillan owns, reports that more information is to come.

SOURCE: The Source, Billboard | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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