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Keri Hilson, the Beyoncé-hating and Serge Ibaka-dating (well, used to be) singer found herself trending on Twitter for a hilarious reason after she took to Snapchat to show off a particular talent that had nothing to do with her voice. The video shows Hilson deep-throating a popsicle, and it has fans freaking out:

The singer’s fans could not help but express their thoughts on Hilson’s newly-revealed talents:

Hilson took to Twitter to address the excitement — sort of, but not really, apologizing for showing off:

She also shared a hilarious video telling us how she found out about the social media waves she had mistakenly made.

This could be the thing to bring her back to life after the Beyhive deaded her all those years ago.

SOURCE: HipHopWired | PHOTO: Getty