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Nooooo, Fetty Wap!

Fetty Wap stepped into hot water after making a political statement that wasn’t digested well by his followers.

In a now-deleted tweet, Fetty declared: “My kids are Mixed … #AllLivesMatter”

Omarion’s girlfriend, Apryl Jones, stepped in to support, saying, “If we say black lives matter, why don’t all lives matter. Just like all blacks aren’t bad, neither are all cops, let’s unite…”

And in came the backlash. It seemed all of Twitter had something to say in response to their comments.

“I corrected my self very quickly I’m not gonna say it again,” Fetty said following the backlash. One Twitter user, @50ShadesOfPetty, replied, “You had better,” to which Fetty said, “you no I ain’t with that f*** shit ,moving to fast corrected myself very quickly.”

He then further explained himself in a series of Tweets and issued an apology via Instagram:

The Instapology:

SOURCE: Twitter, Instagram | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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