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Derrick Rose’s civil rape case continued Wednesday in Los Angeles as we near the end of a tense week of testimony. On Tuesday, the judge presiding over the case said he was so frustrated with the accuser’s lawyers, he was considering a mistrial.

Rose’s lawyers were reportedly pushing for a mistrial because prosecutors didn’t submit crucial evidence, including text messages from the night of the incident. But Judge Michael Fitzgerald made it clear Wednesday that a mistrial is unlikely. He also said he intends to wrap things up in the next eight days and hopes to close the case by next Friday at the latest.

New York Knicks head coach Jeff Hornacek told the New York Post that Rose will not return to the team until the trial is over. Rose, his accuser (Jane Doe), and the plaintiff’s witness Jessica “Kendra” Goff have already taken the stand so far in the $21.5 million case.

According to ABC News, the judge called the plaintiff’s lawyers “unbelievably careless” on Tuesday for failing to share relevant text messages with Rose’s lawyers important to their case until their witness (Goff) took the stand.

Goff is a massage therapist who is friends with Rose’s accuser. Goff reportedly accompanied her friend to Rose’s house on August 26, 2013, the night of the alleged rape. Goff is expected to testify that her friend told her Rose and his friends “forced themselves” on her.

While testifying on Friday, Rose told the prosecutor he has remorse for the incident, but still feels the sex was consensual. He said, “Yes, I am sensitive to it… But I feel like I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Rose’s accuser, Jane Doe, cried throughout her testimony last week. Rose’s lawyers were criticized for asking the judge to make her stop.

With no physical evidence available, testimony from both Rose and his accuser will be crucial to the case.

Doe claims Rose and his friends broke into her house and had sex with her while she was in and out of consciousness after a night of heavy drinking. Rose’s defense has maintained his innocence, saying the sex was consensual and pointing to the accuser’s sexual history (including previous consensual intercourse with Rose) and inconsistencies in her story.

According to the New York Post, Goff’s testimony will be crucial in deciding the case. Rose’s lawyers allege that Goff’s testimony proves Jane Doe consented to sex with Rose on the night of the incident.

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SOURCE: ABC NewsNew York Post | PHOTO CREDIT: Jonathan Daniel/Getty, Twitter

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