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Tatiana Lozano Pereira‘s life has been turned upside down by her own hand.

Fox News reports that the Brazilian mom confessed to stabbing her teenage son to death because she couldn’t accept that he was gay. After a heated argument with her 17-year-old son Itaberli Lozano on Christmas Eve, Pereira lured him back to their home to follow through with her plan to kill him.

According to reports, once Lozano arrived at the house, he was ambushed by his mom and two thugs she hired to beat her son up to “teach him a lesson.” But instead of just beating him up, Pereira ordered the men to kill the boy as he was lying on the floor, severely beaten. However, authorities say that when the men declined her offer, she took a kitchen knife and stabbed him herself.

Pereira admitted to police that she removed the boy’s body from the house with the help of her husband and transported him to a cane field, where they burned the body. She even named the two men she hired for the beating. Tatiana was sent to a women’s prison in Cajuru, while the three men were transferred to a jail in Santa Rosa de Viterbo. Her husband was also charged for his collaboration in disposing of the boy’s body.

All the people involved in the crime will be held in prison while the investigation continues.